I strive to capture the essence of my subject with accuracy while maintaining a freshness that reveals an indication of the process.

My first artistic endeavors were drawings of horses. Growing up just outside of Detroit didn't give me many chances to be around horses but that did little to dampen my enthusiasm. After moving to the Pacific NW as a teenager I was fortunate to have the opportunity to ride. After college I pursued jewelry design and fabrication for several years. Later I began to paint taking classes and workshops from Anthony Ryder, Max Ginsburg, Zhaoming Wu, Robert Liberace, Carolyn Anderson and Burt Silverman among others. A workshop with Jill Soukup on the Zapata Ranch in Colorado inspired me to move to Denver. It was there I began sculpting and have come full circle back to horses. I am back in the NW now, living on an island which is home to many artists. I am a member of Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists, Women Artists of the West, and American Academy of Equine Artists.

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